The 34 Spring Challenge!

This year, to celebrate the 34th year of official twinning between Sheffield and Estelí we present… The 34 Spring Challenge.

Every year we raise money through local events and activities, including the annual Two Peaks Bike Ride which raises over £1000 each year. Due to Covid we have had to cancel the ride two years running. This year we are asking you to fundraise in your own way and in your own time, and then share it with others by taking part in The 34 Spring Challenge.

What is The 34 Spring Challenge?

The Challenge consists of you doing something 34 times during the dates of the event, which are Saturday 20th March-22nd April. 

This can be anything! You could walk, run, swim or cycle 34 miles in a day or over a period of time.  Not the sporty type? Why not cross 34 books off your reading list,  try baking 34 cakes, or even take 34 photos of spring!  The decision is entirely up to you!  Take a look at some of our activity ideas here.

This challenge is open to anyone, so why not do it together with a friend or family member. Our goal is to add up all the 34s from The Challenge and achieve the distance between Sheffield and Estelí, which is 5282 miles together. Therefore, for every mile that you run or every book that you read, you will be contributing towards that goal. 

How to take part

To take part, simply decide exactly what you want to do 34 times and donate to this fundraiser.  Please keep us updated on the progress of your challenge by either posting pictures on our Facebook event page or by taking part in our event on Eventbrite (links are down below). By keeping us updated, we will be able to track our target goal of 5282 miles. 

By taking part in this challenge and donating, you will be contributing towards a wide range of projects such as education, music and healthcare that will benefit the people of Estelí. 

You can find out much more about the Sheffield Esteli town twinning by browsing our website. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in the group just get in touch!

Register your activity on the Eventbrite page here.

Share your Challenge photos on our facebook page here.

And make your fundraising donation here!

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Unrest in Nicaragua, April 2018

We are aware of recent events in Nicaragua and in particular receive information from our twin town in Estelí. We deplore the shocking events and the use of violence, which have seen protesting students shot dead in the streets of Estelí and other cities. They were protesting peacefully about the proposed introduction to cuts in social security for older people and the disabled, many of whom fought for the revolution and the Sandinista movement in the 1980s. Some say that Nicaragua is moving away from democracy, disregarding the wishes of many people and censoring the media. The Nicaraguans who have made contact with the people of Sheffield have asked first and foremost that their voices be heard, and that their struggle for democracy be recognised. We welcome the retracting of the social security reforms and the introduction of a national dialogue. We condemn the use of violence against peaceful protestors and ask that the mediators, as has been promised , are allowed to do their work peacefully and with cooperation from the government .

Nicaragua at the Off the Shelf Festival 2017

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for a unique opportunity at this year’s Off the Shelf literary festival in Sheffield.

Come to meet the author of Rosa of the Wild Grass, Fiona Mackintosh, on Tues 24th October at 6:30pm
Blackwells Bookshop, Jessop West, 1 Upper Hanover Street, S3 7RA

Fiona Mackintosh arrived in Nicaragua in 1981, found a country in ruins and met print shop worker Rosa. Over 28 years, Fiona recorded Rosa and her family to capture the intimacy of their daily lives and tell the story of a Nicaraguan Family’s journey since the Revolution of the late 1970s.

Noam Chomsky in this book  we experience in intimate detail the dramatic years of Nicaragua’s triumphs and travail: the courageous struggle for freedom, the solidarity and idealism, the achievements and excitement , the escape from suffering , the cruel assault from abroad, defeat and betrayal, and still life goes on”

Julie Christie, Actress .‘This is a moving description of a Latin American country’s struggle to free itself from crushing poverty and oppression. Told in the words of the people who have lived this history .Nicaraguans retain the spirit of what the revolution taught them, despite their continuing battle for survival

No need to book. ( Fringe Festival Event )



Join the next Sheffield to Estelí Delegation in 2018

It’s time for us to start thinking about our next visit to Estelí and we would like to hear from people who would be interested in joining us.  In 2018 we will be organising a delegation of people from our wonderful city of Sheffield to visit our colleagues and friends in Estelí and share some life changing experiences whilst learning more about each others’ culture, communities and history.  People who took part in the 2014 delegation reflected that it was an eye-opening and incredibly positive experience.  They had the opportunity to spend time with families and professionals from a completely different culture to their own, but with whom they found they also had a lot in common!

The itinerary of the 2018 delegation will be shaped by the participants and our partners in Estelí, but will involve chances to meet people working in fields of interest to you, experiences of life in the town as well as in the rural communities in nearby nature reserves and a chance to learn more about the history of our twin town with local guides.  As well as taking part in project visits, experience sharing and group activities there will be opportunities to explore more widely within Nicaragua and enjoy some free time to pursue your own interests.

To register your interest in the 2018 Sheffield to Estelí Delegation get in touch through our Contact Page.


The Elder Twins Project

Project Update!

We were delighted to work with Iniciativa Colibrí in Estelí and Handsworth Grange Community Sports College in Sheffield to produce the final publication.  The Mayor of Sheffield received all of the Sheffield authors and subjects of the book at an evening reception in the Town Hall and presented them with their own copies.  Meanwhile, a parallel event was held in Estelí and community members were invited to hear the stories being read and meet the people featured.

You can now download your own copy of Tales of Two Cities- Cuentos de Dos Pueblos here. If you would like to receive a hard copy get in touch with us and we will see what we can do!

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Earlier this year we were successful in securing a small funding grant from the Sheffield Town Trust. This, added to a grant awarded us last year by the Evan Cornish Foundation has meant that we are finally able to put The Elder Twins Project into action. This project is all about connecting people with the twinning who may not have access to communicating with people in our twin town in other ways, such as travelling, emailing or attending public events. It is also about valuing the immense wealth of experience possessed by the elder residents of both of our cities.

So, in order to discover these memories and tell the stories of some of the more isolated members of our communities we are matching a small team of young investigators to a group of elderly residents of a care home in Sheffield for them to take part in a set of storytelling and collecting sessions together. At the same time as we carry out this investigation in Sheffield, a group of colleagues in Estelí will be doing the same thing. When we have collected these, what we expect to be incredible, stories they will be redacted with the help of volunteers and exchanged between the cities. Then they will be translated and taken back to the care homes and residences to be told to the elderly participants by the young investigative team. In this way we will enable a bridge, a personal connection to be made between Jose in Estelí and Joe in Sheffield, between Mary in Sheffield and Maria in Estelí.

The final collected stories will be published in a small, bilingual book for participants to keep and to add to the oral history resources of both cities as a celebration of more than 30 years of a very special twinning. The final planning is underway to initiate the project in June. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.