Our Friends

We work closely with other organisations to co-ordinate our work and ensure we can use our resources as efficiently and effectively as possible whilst always keeping an eye out for innovative and engaging ways to involve people in the twinning relationship. Here are some of our key collaborators.

Casa del Tercer Mundo
The office in Estelí who help to co-ordinate all of the collaborations between the twin cities.

Son de América
A Sheffield based latin American folk dance community group who regularly support us with dance workshops and performances and now have a repertoire of Nicaraguan dances, learned especially!

Students for Estelí
The student to student exchange society operating from the University of Sheffield with links to FAREM University in Estelí.

Chile SCDA
The social and cultural association of the Chilean community living in Sheffield. Old friends and supporters in local and national events.

Twin Cafe
A Not-For-Profit social enterprise set up to import and sell coffee in Sheffield, direct from producers in Miraflor, the reserve just outside Estelí. All profits are donated to social projects working with young people in both of the twin towns.

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
A national organisation involved in solidarity movements and exchanges between the UK and Nicaragua with particular interest in collaborative actions between unions.

We are really grateful to the time and expertise people have donated to the group over recent years to help us achieve a renewed energy and motivation within the group. This has included the support of designers, artists, film makers and others including:

A Sheffield based graphic artist whom we thank for our beautiful but simple logo combining the symbolic ‘Curandero’ of Estelí with the white rose of Yorkshire.

Sort Of… Films
A brilliant local documentary maker who has enabled us to share our work with people more effectively, and who has also collaborated extensively with one of our colleagues in Estelí.

Design Now
A great design company set up this WordPress blog for us.

Over the years a number of live music acts have generously played or performed at fundraising events to support our activities. In recent years these have included:

The Well Dressed Band
An excellent local ceilidh band based in Derbyshire who have supported us to run many a lively fundraiser over the years!

Forever Young
A brilliant Sheffield covers band taking us back to some of the best tunes of the 70s and 80s.

Jupiter in Jars

Son Para Todos

Early Cartographers

INK Dance

In addition to the support we receive from individuals attending events or raising money we are grateful to organisations and businesses who have supported our activities. They may have provided us services at cost or heavily subsidised, they may have made generous donations to raffles, competitions, collections for projects, or they may have supported us by coming along to events and reporting on them and helping us to spread the word. They may simply have helped to facilitate a process of communication and exchange with partner projects which has led to the initiation of further activities. We value all of these contributions and exchanges and think it’s well worth your time finding out more about the organisations listed below!

Alegría Arts
A Sheffield based dance, music and languages community education project.

The Brushes Community Centre Youth Club- The Crib
Young people from The Crib sent video messages and murals out to young people in Estelí in 2014.

Sheffield Town Trust
This trust also have us a grant to contribute towards the costs of the Sheffield based aspects of the Elder Twins project.

The NEST Trust
The NEST Trust work in the rural communities of Miraflor close to Estelí and is currently mainly concerned with increasing access to higher education. We have collaborated with them to organise visits by Nicaraguan students to Sheffield.

Sheffield City Council
SCC support the twinning in varying ways, most recently via the Community Forestry team who enabled us to plant a tree commemorating 30 years of our twinning in 2015.

Chris Halstead
A Sheffield based bowmaker for stringed instruments who has enabled us to match a new or restored bow to an old instrument and send it complete to music projects in Estelí.

Sheffield Live
Community FM radio in Sheffield by and for the local residents who have hosted a number of our visitors and aired live performances and interviews as part of their visit.

Grow Sheffield
This Sheffield based community growing and harvesting organisation has been a supporter in many ways, helping us to publicise events and in fundraising and sharing information with similar projects in Estelí.

Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care were instrumental in helping us to put the Elder Twins project proposal together and to identify communities and groups who may wish to get involved.

Sustainability Partners
A UK based charity focused on supporting grassroots, sustainable initiatives with small start up grants and loans who first put us in touch with some of the projects we are now collaborating with in Estelí.

Millington’s Music
A Sheffield music shop which has, over the years provided us with generous discounts and donations for music project supplies.

Freedom Road Residents
The Freedom Road group became involved back in 2009 and are still connected directly with a barrio in our twin town, exchanging letters and updates with Santo Domingo in Estelí.

The Evan Cornish Foundation
Gave us a generous grant in 2014 to support our Elder Twins project. Watch this space for updates on our progress.

Gemma Thorpe
A local photographer and film maker who very generously pledged some of her time towards helping to document the Elder Twins project.

A Plus English
A Sheffield English language school who generously provided a free course of English tuition to a visiting student in 2012.

Stefano Gibertoni
A Sheffield based luthier who has helped us to refurbish and source instruments for donation to music projects in Estelí.