About Sheffield

Sheffield, the city of the seven hills (more like seventy), the five rivers, the most trees per person in the whole of Europe and Henderson’s relish. Sheffield is a city with a long and proud history of social action, open mindedness and solidarity with other cities and countries and a rich seam of creative energy. With the biggest national park in the UK, the Peak District, on its doorstep it is also a well known base for cyclists, climbers and others with a taste for the outdoors. The city was born of industry and made famous for its steel production but suffered during the 70s and 80s when local mines, steelworks and related industries were changed through machinisation or closed down completely. In the 1980’s it was nicknamed The Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire. Sheffield is a strong and resilient place and was reborn in spite of everything with two dynamic and highly thought of universities, a revived cultural and industrial output and a continued fame for welcoming and hospitable people. It is a city with great human warmth and an exciting, diverse place to live.