The 34 Spring Challenge- Activities

Riding 34 Miles

Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to keep healthy? Do you want to create a new habit and learn an excellent skill? Are you feeling kind of lonely during this strange time and miss hanging out regularly with friends? Why not try riding 34 goals, enjoying the spring outdoors and helping us to raise money! During the event period, you can use your fitness watch or Health app on your smartphone to track your process or just record your routes on a map and keep track of your miles that way. In parallel, take photos or videos to record the challenge and upload them to our pages (see main event info). And why not ask your family members or friends who are able to, to ride as well and encourage one another to achieve this challenge together.

Taking 34 Photos

With the development of technology on personal mobiles and digital cameras taking photos has become easy and convenient. You can use your smartphone or DSLR to take part in our challenge. How about giving yourself a topic and make a project of taking 34 photos of smiling faces, 34 photos of sunsets and sunrises, 34 photos of new recipes, 34 photos of springtime flowers. There are so many options you might end up taking 340 photos!

Reading 34 Books

Are you a keen reader? Or perhaps it’s been months since you finished one book? Maybe both things apply! Are you a bibliomaniac but don’t have time to digest the contents? During this strange year we don’t have an option to travel and are obliged to stay at home. How about travelling the world through books? Reading books is like a free ticket to see the world. You can take a photo or make notes while reading. Read whatever you like: a book, an article, a blog and let us know what you have learned! Come and join us!

Taking 34 Walks in Nature

The springtime is a beautiful time to get outside and notice nature and all the wildlife waking up all around us. Try taking 34 walks on the same route each day and comparing what you see every time you go outside in different weather and at different times of the day. Try exploring 34 different routes around your local area and see what you can notice that you’ve never seen before.

Whatever you decide to do don’t forget to share your pictures and experiences on our facebook and eventbrite pages and register on our Go Fund Me page to make your donation. Together we can raise £1000 this spring!

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